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Zhejiang Shen Ji titanium industry Limited by Share Ltd

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        Zhejiang Shen Ji titanium Limited by Share Ltd registered in March 31, 2008, the registered capital of 77 million 980 thousand yuan, specializing in titanium and titanium alloy, nickel base alloy and special stainless steel plate production. Company in August 2016 in the National SME share transfer system listed, the stock abbreviation: Shen Ji titanium industry, stock code: 838653.

        The company headquarters and production base is located in "China's first ecological county" reputation, Anji County, Huzhou City, beautiful scenery, the environment should be brought to their ancestors. Surrounding the company, Shen, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui, Hangzhou and Nanjing, Hangzhou and Shanghai Jiaxing Huzhou several highway through, only 2 hours drive from Shanghai, only 1 hour drive from Hangzhou, traffic is very convenient, also company is also in Shanghai Free Trade Zone set up sales subsidiaries, for domestic and foreign customer business to provide convenient conditions.

        The preparation of company annual production capacity of 3500 tons of titanium and titanium alloy, nickel base alloy and special stainless steel sheet production line from raw materials, hot rolling, cold rolling and heat treatment, acid cleaning and surface treatment products, such as consists of the main steps, equipment technical ability and automatic control means are in the domestic enterprises in the same industry leading level, cold-rolled width specifications of 1300mm.

        Company's products are widely used in aerospace, shipbuilding, nuclear power, petroleum and chemical industry, metallurgy, marine development, environmental protection, sports and leisure and other fields. The company will be the spirit of "rigorous and realistic professional spirit, the work attitude of excellence, high efficiency and fine business management, service oriented business philosophy" dedicated to provide the best quality products and services for all customers.

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